Ed Bogle, B.S.

Mr. Bogle possesses wide industry experience in assessing market conditions and company competencies/capabilities, and then matching them to strategic options for accelerating company growth. Skilled in developing and implementing strategic and market plans to drive results to the bottom-line at both corporate and business unit levels, he provides framework tools to manage strategic product positioning over time. He has demonstrated leadership as a trainer and mentor in strategic thinking, organizational leadership, market assessment, alliance development, sales management, and sales tactics.

Consolidation and Strategic Development

Mr. Bogle directed the strategic, market and sales plans for a $150 million private equity financed corporation focused on the consolidation of companies in the construction industry. Responsibilities included the development of base market knowledge, strategic plans for corporate and seven business units, direct supervision and development of regional sales forces, communications and promotion strategies, alliances and major contract negotiation. The company subsequently grew at a 22% compounded growth rate over 2-year period with a 24% increase in the bottom-line.

Realignment from Major Industry Shift

Mr. Bogle facilitated the strategic plan development and implementation for a privately held company in the 70-year-old automotive manufacturing sector experiencing a major shift in external market drivers. Actions included assessment of impacts from market shift and opportunity identification to develop strategic plans, sales strategies, and plant development. Implementation of this planning effort resulted in the company moving from break-even to 20 – 25% pre-tax earnings, and becoming the largest company in the newly defined industry. These strategic plans resulted in the company growing from annual revenues of $80 million to over $250 million in five years.

Early Stage Strategy and Investment Capital

Mr. Bogle assisted an emerging software consulting firm in the healthcare industry in redefining their business opportunity and strategic plans including the redefinition and realignment of target markets and sales strategies. His assessments included market and industry drivers, value chains and strategic options resulting in a new focus on industry niches and profitable growth strategies. These strategic plans attracted over $14 million in capital investment and successfully re-launched the business. The company achieved over 20% total market share in their target markets and profitable business results from a revenue base that grew to over $100 million. The company was ultimately acquired by major national data services provider.

Roll-up, Integration and IPO

Mr. Bogle guided the market evaluation, strategic plan development and implementation of a venture capital backed “roll-up” of the fragmented industrial services industry. Activities included market and industry assessment, creation of market focus, positioning, strategic plans, integration of technologies and sales training. The plan resulted in the integration of nine companies, a successful IPO, 8X growth (15% internal and 85% acquisition), and significantly reduced cycle time for integration of acquired companies. Grew gross revenues form $50 million to over $200 million in five years, profitably.

Turnaround and Market Redefinition

Mr. Bogle directed the market assessment and development of a strategic plan to reverse approximate $5 million in annual operating losses of an integrated regional health care provider. The effort included market and industry assessment to identify opportunities and threats created by a shift in the reimbursement system and new competitive environment. He also evaluated and redesigned the distribution system. The result was a strategic plan that downsized operations, identified new opportunities, and repositioned the company. This strategic plan was developed and implemented within 120 days and returned the institution to profitability and market share growth within one year.

New Product Introduction

Mr. Bogle conducted strategic market assessments and developed strategic and sales targets for innovative new products in the insurance industry. He successfully introduced and developed the first major innovation in the group life insurance business in nearly 50 years. The result was that the company obtained 15 major clients and over $15 million in annual premium.

Education and professional background

    B.S. in Business Administration - Marketing from Oklahoma State University

    Graduate level studies (3 year program) in strategic market management - University of Colorado (Top Ten Student)

    Advanced certification in and a Principal in the development of Arthur Young’s (Ernst & Young) strategic planning consulting practice and methodologies

    Multiple Venture Technology Accreditation (MVTA) from IBI Global

    Instructor and trainer in strategic and market plan thinking and development

    Instructor / trainer in marketing, sales planning and tactics (SPIN / Miller and Heiman)

    Member of the Institute of Management Consultants

    Taught at the collegiate level and guest lectured in marketing and strategic planning

    Published in strategic planning and management